IP over UTP


The KBC EERF1-LS1-T-MN-B is a fully ruggedized Ethernet over UTP transmitter. This transmitter provides connectivity for one 10/100Mbps IEEE standard electrical copper port over UTP cable. Power is supplied from one of the headend receivers, EERF16-G3-R-RX-B, EERF8-G3-R-RX-B, EERF4-DN1-R-WN-B or EERF1-LN1-R-MN-B Ethernet over UTP units through the UTP cable by Power over Wire (PoW) technology. The transmitter provides PoE+ support. Varying data rates are supported depending on cable distance and quality. The plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation with no electrical adjustment needed. LED indicators are provided to show the operational status of the unit.

  • 802.3af/802.3at compliant
  • Power over Wire
  • UTP data rate >40Mbps (300m)
  • Based on cable quality, cable pairs used (1,2 or 4 pairs) and voltage applied to cable (48~57VDC) from headend, PoE and PoE+ are supported by PoW up to 400m
  • Powered by PoW from EERF16-G3-R-RX-B, EERF8-G3-R-RX-B, EERF4-DN1-R-WN-B or EERF1-LN1-R-MN-B headend
  • Complete protection design including surge protection and lighting protection
  • Unique PoW transmission protection design together with 1,4,8 or 16 channel receiver headend