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“How much time should I budget for installing the wireless systems on this project?”

Wireless transmission devices allow you to create a wireless network over almost any terrain. Point-to-point configuration lets you circumvent obstacles, and point-to-multipoint enable complex wireless systems with multiple remote clients transmitting back to a single unit. The possibilities are near endless. So how much time will it take to install? This is a question we get asked regularly, and we’re here to ease your concerns and reduce your installation time.

We provide two services: a free, pre-sales wireless design service and a wireless pre-configuration service.  

Pre-Sales Wireless Design

This is not just a list of products! We provide you with a detailed schema that includes product information, ready for you to present to your clients. The design will show them exactly what you’ll be doing and how the system will function. It can also include add-ons such as remote power items needed to power cameras, other IP devices, and wireless transceivers. 

Usually all we need from you to put a design together is basic information about the application, such as:

  • What’s being transmitted? Cameras? Access control? Internet access?
  • How many locations?
  • What are the distances?
  • Do you have a clear line of sight?

 Example layout with camera locations

If the system is more complex, we'll ask you for an overhead map or diagram so we can fully understand the application. The image above is an example of something we might get from a customer. The black arrows show the camera locations the integrator has selected based on their client’s desired level of coverage. The office is the NVR location head end.

The image below is of the pre-sales design. It uses color coding to help the integrator and end user understand where each device will go.  For example:

  • Orange circles with an arrow between them represent a point-to-point kit
  • Blue circles pointing to a black circle represent a point-to-multipoint system
  • Red boxes are Security Power Boxes (SPBs) with a PoE switch

Regardless of complexity level, our pre-sales designs are free of charge.

Example Wireless Layout

Pre-Configuration Service (KBC-PRE-CONFIG)

If you opt for our full pre-configuration service, we take even more of the work off your shoulders with this low-cost, pre-configuration service. We prepare your shipment with instructions on exactly what to install and where. Using the diagram from the previous step, we preset, connect, and label all wireless equipment prior to shipping. We include the diagram with the shipment, so all your techs have to do is install according to the documentation – saving you time and money on site.

Example Pre Config System

The image above is an example of a pre-configuration diagram. Building on the pre-sales design, we develop a new color code to help the installer understand what goes where; the colors match the labels that are physically placed on the products and their boxes. The diagram also has all the technical details for the installer – and it will certainly help anyone else who is providing maintenance down the road.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Our support doesn’t stop there. If you need guidance or troubleshooting tips at any point in the process, we provide after-sales support that’s just an email or phone call away. 

We look forward to making your life easier! To get started with our wireless design services, fill out this form and check the box next to Wireless Design Assistance underneath “Products I’m Interested in.” You can also find this form at the bottom of our homepage


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