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5 Reasons Our Customers Love eCopper™


Our eCopper product line lets you utilize existing coax and twisted pair cabling found in legacy systems, converting an analog system to an IP system. It's specifically designed for the most demanding environments, with features that make it ideal for use in complex industrial and IP video surveillance applications. Here are five things you should know about eCopper.

1. It powers IP devices. In addition to offering Power over Coax (PoC), eCopper provides PoE and PoE+ to IP devices. Better yet, it is plug and play, getting you up and running in minutes. See this reliable, high-performance solution in action in this video.

2. It has interference immunity. Crosstalk is when a signal transmitted on one pair or channel has an undesired effect on another pair or channel. eCopper is recognized for having low crosstalk, meaning you can use it in challenging applications like elevators.

3. It covers longer distances than Ethernet. For longer cable runs, eCopper is an alternative to fiber or wireless since its transmission distance is greater than 100 meters.

4. It's environmentally friendly. Because you're reusing existing infrastructure, you're preventing e-waste when you use eCopper.

5. It's award-winning. eCopper was recognized by A&SMag (Automation & Security Magazine) as one of the best network devices of 2019. They praised its simple GUI, the fact that it can power both the transmitter and remote cameras, and the cost savings it provides to customers who no longer need a full infrastructure upgrade. Learn more here.

Our feature-rich, easy to configure, eCopper transmitters and receivers come in 1-, 4-, 8-, and 16-channel options. Click here to explore our IP over UTP. Click here to explore our IP over Coax transmitters and receivers.
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