Fiber Solutions

Fiber solutions including analogue video, data and audio including ouor ASFOM custom option

  Name Description
FCHA1: Video + UTC Data + 2 Contact Closures One Channel Video with 'Up the Coax' Telemetry & Two Duplex Contact Closures
FCHA1-DB1: Video + UTC Data One Channel Video with One Channel Bi-directional Dataor Pelco Coaxitron Data, Point-to-Point...
FDVA1-DB1: Video with Bi-directional Data Single Channel Video with Bi-directional Data
FDVA1-DB1-IB1: Video + Data + Contact Closure Single Channel Video with Bi-Directional Data and Contact Closure 
FDVA4: 4 Ch Video Multiplexer Four Channel Video Multiplexer, Point-to-Point Transmission 
FDVA4-DB1: 4 Ch video + Data
FDVA8: 8 Ch Video Multiplexer Eight Channel Video Multiplexer, Point-to-Point Transmission 
FTC: CAN-Bus Point-to-Point Transmission CAN-Bus Point-to-Point Transmission