Fiber Solutions

Fiber solutions including analogue video, data and audio including our ASFOM custom option

  Name Description
FPA: Audio ASFOM Audio Point-to-Point Transmission
FPI: Contact Closure ASFOM Contact Closure Point-to-Point Transmission
FPT: Telephone ASFOM Telephone Point-to-point Transmission  
FPE: E1 ASFOM E1 Point-to-Point Transmission
Point-to-Point Transmission ASFOM Point-to-Point Transmission  
Redundant Transmission ASFOM Redundant Point-to-Point or Bus Transmission  
Bus Transmission Fiber Optic Data BUS transmission solution
FR3: 19", 3U Chassis 19" 3U Chassis with Integral Power Supply
FR4: 19", 4U Chassis 19" 4U Chassis with Integral Power Supply
FDDB1: RS232 / 422 / 485 Pt-Pt One Channel, Multi-Protocol, Bi-directional Data, Point-to-Point Transmission
FTDB: RS232 / 422 /485 Bus One Channel, Multi-protocol, Bi-directional Data Bus Transmission
FTCB: CAN-Bus Bus Transmission CAN-Bus Bus Transmission
FTDR: RS232 / 422 / 485 Self Healing Ring One Channel, Multi-protocol, Bi-directional Data, Multi-drop Self-Healing Ring Transmission
FDVA: Video Only Single Channel Video, Point-to-Point Transmission
FDVA-IA1: Video with Simplex Contact Closure Single Channel Video with Simplex Contact Closure, Point-to-Point Transmission
FDVA1-DC1: Video with Return Simplex Data  Single Channel Video with Return Simplex Data